Cracks and more frame damage.

So my dad keeps blaming me that its all my fault he just had to buy a mig welder. The fact that he has wanted one ever since i can remember is apparently irrelevant. However he was quite happy to play with his Christmas present. And yes, my frame is the first thing it was used on. But I’m still not taking responsibility for this one dad.


The frame has several cracks that will be properly welded and fixed before we get beyond much more than the frame stage. Repairs begin.


The picture above is where the front spring perch mounts to the truck frame. It was cracked in several places, plus twisted down and in. This was caused by the use of the front cross member (which is not a structural piece) being used to yank the truck out from where ever someone got it stuck.

painted frame 003

Another crack in the underside of the frame from the frame rail being twisted and bent.

painted frame 004

This one was in the cross member that runs below the engine. Again, if your going to pull a truck out from being stuck, pull it out, don’t yank it out, and attach to the frame correctly, and pull straight not cross ways.