Home at last.

Pictures of the truck when it arrived home from Canada. Dad and Mom spent most an entire day to go get it, and bring it home. Had a long wait at the border crossing, and with customs trying to match a VIN to the bill of sale, without success. Bringing back into the US. Dad wanted to be sure we did everything right so it can be titled in the US as the truck it is. A 1973 F-250 Highboy, as they are considerably more valuable than trucks without the “highboy” designation. Of course if you read enough about them, highboy is actually a slang term. See this post.


73 grill73 F250 Highboy 73 right fender 73 rear axle and tcase 73 Dana 60 rear axle 73 left front 73 TCase  73 windshield 73 Slider 73 right rear spring 73 cab int