crossmember replacement before and after

So in the past, Ive discussed the replacement of the front crossmember thats below the radiator and front bumper, and how we fabricated its replacement. While i was up working on the truck i got some pics of the original crossmember and will show the before/after effects.

73 grill bumper Kevin's truck project 016

Originally this should have been an L shaped crossmember. Below is what it looked like once we got it off the truck.

img_20160822_114525 img_20160822_114516 img_20160822_114537

Anything but straight. So we replaced it with something much stronger.

new front crossmember 001 front axle and crossmember pics 007 IMG_20160827_183306Its 2×4 rectangular tubing that has notches for the spring bolts that are reinforced with round pipe cut in half horizontally the crossmember is fully enclosed and will not let in water, rust, or derbies. bolts in with 24 grade 8 bolts to the frame, and has a class III hitch that is welded directly into it.