Rebuilding the first crossmember

So on the truck, the first cross member that ties the frame rail ends together under the radiator support was so badly bent out of shape it was not even worth repairing. It had been used to connect cables, chains, and hooks to latch onto the truck to yank it out of being stuck someplace. It resulted in bent frame rails, and cracks that had to be fixed. We are replacing the original cross member which was only about 1/8th inch steel bent in an l shape with a piece of 2×4 steel tube that is about 3/8ths thick per wall. Once done, you would be able to lift the entire truck by it. Eventually a class III Receiver hitch will get welded to the center that will allow mounting of tow hooks, ball mounts, and a winch on a receiver hitch mount that will come out below the bumper.

Here, dad has the new cross member about half finished.

IMG_0288 IMG_0287