Terms of sale


Im working to build a 73 F250 4×4 and have some spare parts from some of the parts trucks Ive acquired to help me with my own build. Im selling off some of the things i don’t need. Parts from the 73 have already been removed as its frame is getting ready to be sent to be sand blasted. Parts from the 78 mostly need to be pulled as we have not started into that one yet.

NOTE: These parts come from part trucks that are over 40 years old, and appear to have been well used long before i rescued them. If your looking for perfect items, keep looking. the quality will likely be about what you would find in a wrecking yard. Speaking of which, I’m basing my pricing off the price list from Arlington’s Pick-n-Pull

As I’m working thru my own build, some things are already removed and loose, and others will need removal. If your coming to pick up items assume it will need to be pulled by you unless your told otherwise before arrival. This means bringing your own tools just like if you were going to a part yard.

If its not already removed, and you do not have time or tools to do so, parts can be removed before you come for a fee of 30.00 per hour for time needed to remove your requested part.

I will be selling parts from a 73 F150 2wd, a 73 F250 4×4 and a 78 F250 4×4.

I will be working to post pictures of items for sale. Most items from the 73 trucks have been pulled as a part of the deconstruction process. Items from the 78 largely are not yet pulled. If you wish us to remove parts before you come, we can do that for you for an additional $30.00/hr fee to remove parts.

If you need something not listed, ask it may be available! For questions send me an email.

  • All sales are final.
  • Bring exact change. Cash only.
  • No warranty provided or implied.
  • Local pickup. You load and haul. We are located in Oak Harbor Washington.
  • ALL items are used. They should be inspected and reconditioned as needed before use.
  • If the item is not listed as already pulled you will need to bring all tools to remove the part.